Video Autoplay Ads by Facebook Is Great News for Marketers

By March 25, 2014Social Media

fbYou may have noticed that the videos in your News Feed have been coming to life on their own, called Facebook’s new autoplay feature. Facebook has also announced premium auto play videos ads to be released in late April.

Videos uploaded from personal Facebook accounts, verified Pages, and musicians’ and bands’ Pages automatically play (without sound) as users scroll through the feed. If mobile users want audio, they simply click on the video; if they keep scrolling through the feed, the video stops playing.

Facebook’s video autoplay feature is great  for brands because it provides a non-intrusive way to get customers’ attention in the social environment. The silent mode for autoplay was also a smart idea on Facebook’s part, even though marketers would probably prefer more noise, because people won’t be interrupted by loud noise and abandon the post.

Another advantage, after users watch an autoplay video ad, they’ll see options to view additional videos from the same merchant, allowing them to dig deeper into the content.

Because of this new model for video ads, merchants need to rethink how they make their videos. You may need to create some videos from scratch to take advantage of the benefits of Facebook autoplay. Because videos are muted when Facebook users scroll, your visuals need to grab attention and compel viewers to click on the video and get the sound.

Another option is to build text into autoplay videos, which can help hammer home messages supporting the visuals. Ideally, you want to grab viewers’ attention as they scroll down their Facebook home pages and see the silent video. One way to do this is to include a special offer banner in the video, such as 10% discount, and if you say that it’s a Facebook exclusive, you may do a better job of luring viewers to click on the video and watch with sound.

There is tremendous potential value in attracting video views from the Facebook audience. In Facebook’s own marketing materials, the social network claims it can reach more people 18-24 years old than prime time TV can, giving it powerful influence with this highly desirable group.

With 1.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers a massive audience across all demographics—one inclined to share content with friends, giving videos even more eyeballs. Those are all great reasons for seeking out videos that work well with the Facebook autoplay approach.

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