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By March 7, 2014Social Media, Tidbits

Do you want to attract more exposure and engagement on your Facebook page? Just run a simple contest through a status update on your Facebook timeline. The goal is to increase engagement  for your business by encouraging people to LIKE, Share and Comment on your Facebook updates. In minutes you can have any of these 6 contests:

1 – Like to win

To engage with more people, simply find an incentive to give away and ask people to LIKE your page to enter. Posting pictures of your prize is important because it increases visibility.

2 – Comment to win

Ask your Fans to comment on your post as the entry into the contest. For example:

My favorite travel destination is  ________ because _______. Post your favorite vacation spot to enter to win [PRIZE]! We’ll pick a winner from the comments at 5 pm on Wednesday!

3 – Solve to win

Ask commenters them to solve a puzzle or answer a trivia question. Two examples:

Guess how many jelly beans are in this jar. The closest guess will win [PRIZE]. Winner will be announced at 6 pm on Easter Sunday on our Facebook page.

– or –

The first person to correctly rearrange these letters and answer the question will win a chance to win [PRIZE].  Watch for a new question every day in December.  Here is today’s question:  Who runs the best blog on the Internet?

4 – Upload pictures to win

By asking your Fans to upload images, you can get a frenzy of activity going.  Fans will upload their own content, while other Fans will share, Like and comment on those images. Here’s an example:

Did you attend our National Paper Towel Association (NPTA) conference in Hoboken this weekend? Share a photo that you took of your weekend activities in the comments – if your photo gets the most ‘Likes’ you will win [PRIZE]. Contest winner will be announced Monday at 11am ET.

5 – Caption to win

Here’s another twist on the Comment to Win contest that can get a LOT of activity going on your page. Have your fans write a caption for your picture. Be sure to have a good image to your fan’s interests.

Tauck, a travel tour agency, ran this contest on their page for a Canon digital camera.

Facebook Caption Contest

6 – Join the email list to win

This will help you grow your email list, and Facebook engagement.

Please review Facebook’s Terms of Service around contests here at Facebook promotion guidelines before having a contest.

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