Here’s the most common list of services you should expect.

* We also build and maintain websites for many of our clients *

Account Creation

Full Profile Setup: Setup of both the function and design of your pages and profiles and the other items needed to allow me to do my job without being logged in AS YOU.

Manage Profiles

Reciprocity Management: Accepting and declining connection requests, follow back followers, reply to messages and delete spam from profile walls.

Content Creation

Articles and Posts: Research, collaboration and creation of newsworthy articles about your business. Creation of status updates, promotions and events. Email marketing and direct mail.


Manual & Automatic: Posting status updates, re-posting articles and other media such as audio and video, cross network linking to content and promotions and events.

Audience Building

Grow Your Influence: Pursue, follow, friend additional members to grow your fans and connections. Search, follow and connect with potential customers in a target market.

Customer Service

Loyal Audience: Triage, manage and respond to public and private inquiries to your social networks and provide timely notifications as they are handled.

Image Management

Online Reputation: Monitor your name, your company name, your products and your brand. Watch for positive and negative buzz about you and handle appropriately.


On Your Behalf: Commenting, Replying and Responding to external media on your behalf. This helps to drive collateral interest in your brand.