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By February 16, 2014Social Media
images (2)Want to know where to find potential local customers? Or what offline marketing tactics are used to spur online activity?
Here are some easy ideas for boosting the online visibility of your local business.
1. Revamp your Google+ profile
This is a must now as Google has been displaying search results for local queries well on top of all other results, thus making them even more prominent than paid ads.
If you don’t have a G+ Local Page,the first thing to do before you create one is to check whether Google (or a fan) has already created it for you (the information could have been taken from Google Maps, for example). If it doesn’t show up, create a new Google+ Local account for it by choosing Local Business or Place from the options Google+ offers.
If you already have a G+ Local page, you can make it more appealing  and to notify Google that it should be ranked higher in search results:

  • Fill out as many fields in your profile as possible.
  • Add appealing imagery.
  • Encourage customers to leave a review and to rate your business.
  • Make sure your business’s name, address, and phone number are the same as on the website associated with it.
  • Keep the page active and updated.

2. Encourage people to review your business

The volume of online reviews people write about your business plays a role in how potential customers and search engines view you business. It’s important to monitor online reviews and respond to negative and positive feedback. You can use social listening tools like Google Alerts to monitor what’s said about your business.

Google+ reviews are likely to be seen by a lot of people and help your G+ Local listing appear higher in Google’s search results. Also see what other review sites Google pulls reviews from (you can see those by looking at Reviews from around the Web at the bottom of your Google+ reviews). You can also see what review sites your successful competitors get by searching Google or by paying attention what review sites show up in your alerts.

3. Get listed in online directories

Search for quality web directories and get listed there. Directory listings  increase the odds that people will find your business online; and, links from a few quality directories are likely to improve your site positions in Google’s Web search as well as on Google+. You can search a successful local business and see what links are pointing to its site (“directory” or “dir” in their URLs); or, search for relevant keywords online.

4. Get listed in online YP sites

Many directory sites like Yellow Pages that let you search for businesses by location get their data from only a few services that aggregate reference information. David Mihm, a SEO professional, created a chart of services get their data from what data providers in the local search world. Here are the major few: YellowPagesInfogroupLocalezeCitysearchInsiderPages. It’s also worth noting that the business name, phone number, and address be the same across all these important pages.

5. Get a social media plan

Pick a, or a couple, social platform you’re comfortable with, and use it for two-way communication with your customers. This gives the ability to gather and  react to feedback from clients quickly online helps you spread the word.

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