Online Companies Must Focus on Building Trust

By March 27, 2014Social Media

onlineYou can buy just about anything on the internet. With all these everyday purchases (and potential for repeat purchases) up for grabs, online companies are trying to slash prices and increase the ease and convenience of their shopping experiences.

But for online-only companies, successfully competing with traditional locations must consider this important factor: trust. Consistency, fast and reliable shipping, brand-name products, and customer service are all factors that contribute to growing that trust. Retailers that can maintain high standards in these areas have the greatest chance of success because trust is what keeps customers coming back.

Fast, Reliable Shipping Helps Inspire Trust

Shipping in online retail has radically transformed the industry have increased the affordability and convenience of online shopping, broadening the scope of what we consider buying online. Winning over consumers is easier if a retailer can offer the same quality brands as brick-and-mortar stores with the added bonus of convenient door-to-door shipping for no cost or a negligible fee.

Brand Names Matter

Offering recognizable products is second only to price in determining whether a consumer chooses to try an online retailer.

Three Traits of a Trusted Company

Low prices, fast delivery, and a wide range of brand-name products all help motivate the consumer to try a retailer, but to truly differentiate themselves and earn loyalty from their customers, online-only retailers must go the extra step to build trust.

Online companies must build trust by being…

Consistent.  Online retailers must be consistent across the board, from product and packaging quality to reliable, on-time delivery.

Accessible.  A quality customer service team that effectively answers consumer inquiries provides the reassurance of dealing with a real person.

Rewarding. Long-term incentive programs work just as well online as they do offline. Points, loyalty bonuses, and rewards are great ways to get people coming back.

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