Online Commerce Video Viewers Twice as Likely to Make a Purchase

By May 13, 2014Social Media

Have you considered using video to advertise your products or services? There are many advantages, however, it all comes down to consumer influence. According to the Q1 2014, Invodo Video Commerce Benchmarks Report, when online shoppers were asked how helpful an online commerce video is, 77% give it a 4- or 5-star rating. The study also reveals that online commerce video viewers are almost twice as likely to make a purchase as those who don’t watch videos.

Survey results from Animoto also found:

  • Almost 75% of respondents are more likely to make a purchase after viewing an online video that explained a product or service
  • 42% want to see more product description videos online
  • Almost 1 in 8 visitors to a commerce web page watch at least some of a video if it’s available on the page
  • Almost two-thirds of video viewers watch to 80% completion (the portion most likely to motivate action)
  • 31.7% of commerce videos were viewed on a smartphone during Q1, with an additional 5.6% share watched on tablets
  • Commerce videos tend to have more influence on mobile devices than on desktops.
Video can be fairly inexpensive to produce today with the ability to do it yourself considering all the software available. We recently subscribed to a do-it-yourself whiteboard video service and have made a couple of videos for our clients. Here’s one example. We created a fun, short, informative video with a call to action. This is what most customers want and respond to, why not create it for them?


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