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misconceptions-about-mobileSMS has been around for a while and is widely used and popular form of communication. Businesses, big or small, can take advantage of SMS marketing, however, many don’t because they’re unsure about the rules or have believed the following misconceptions.

1. What I really need is an app before I start my mobile marketing campaign

No, you don’t. Unless your app does something spectacular that no other app does, chances are that if people actual download your app, then it will be opened once and never opened again. BlackBerry revealed that 99% of apps are used once, so don’t waste your time or money.

2. Mobile marketing just means selling stuff

Billions are thrown away every year by the loss in missed appointments at doctor surgeries, physiotherapists, hairdressers etc. Mobile marketing can help reduce the number of missed appointments with a simple appointment reminder text and as a way to keep in contact with their existing customers and updating them about news, new products, competitions, delivery dates and times, job offers, anything, and everything.

3. Mobile marketing is only for big brands with big budgets

You certainly don’t need a big budget. You shouldn’t encounter set up fees, contract terms, or minimum credit orders.  The fact that mobile marketing is relatively inexpensive, quick, and easy means that it is becoming more and more popular with small ambitious businesses around the world. Businesses that can’t afford to appear in the trendy publications or on highest-ranking Google sites are managing to reach thousands of customers for an affordable price.

4. My customers haven’t opted in so it’s illegal to text them

The law differs from country to country. This is true in the U.S.  The rules require explicit opt-in before consumers can be sent promotional text messages. The FCC also requires marketers to offer a simple and direct method to opt-out of receiving future text messages. A common method of opting out requires sending a text message back such as stop or end. Users must be informed upon sign-up of any fees generated by the SMS marketing such as text messaging fees or data service rates that may apply.

5. Mobile marketing is only for the younger generation

SMS has genuinely spread right across the age ranges since the mobile phone is now owned by every man and his dog, and the communication channel of choice for many.

SMS marketing can be a wonderful and inexpensive asset to your business. It’s worth they effort if you follow the rules.

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