How Consumers Engage With Small Businesses on Facebook

By September 15, 2014Tidbits

PrintA recent report from G/O Digital used survey data from 1,000 adults in the United States age 18-29 who are interested in purchasing products and services from local/small businesses; and, at least own a desktop/laptop computer and a smartphone or tablet. Here is a synopsis of their findings.

  • 62% say Facebook is the most useful social network for researching small businesses before purchasing, compared with 12% for Pinterest, 11% for Twitter, and 9% for Instagram:
  • 41% say they prefer reading customer reviews and ratings for small businesses on Facebook, where 19% rather see featured products from businesses.
  • 80%  say they’re more likely to purchase in-store if there are positive customer reviews on a company’s website or Facebook page.
  • 38% say Facebook offers that can be redeemed in-store are most likely to influence them to visit the website of a small business.
  • Only 12% say promoted posts on Facebook are most likely to get them to visit the website of a small business; 10% say photo/video contents would; 11% cite sweepstakes; and 10% cite loyalty promotions.

It sPrinteems that if you want the most out of your promotions, post positive customer reviews and Facebook offers to redeem in-store. Pretty pictures are nice, but customers want quality products/services from a trusted company. Happy Posting!

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