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By January 17, 2014Social Media

Wouldn’t it be nice to get more retweets. A new report by TrackMaven studied the language, time of day, day of week, among other factors that affect retweets. The study examined 1.7 million tweets from 1,423 Twitter accounts that had more than 1,000 followers and this is what they found…

Days &Timesretweets-day-trackmaven-2014

  • Weekends have more retweets than weekdays.
  • Sunday’s received the most retweets.
  • Even though there are more tweets during business hours, most retweets occur after work hours.
  • Tweets sent between 10-11pm receive the most retweets.

Hashtags & Mentions

  • Hashtags (average of 5) get .301 retweets, compared to .116 retweets.
  • Mentions get more retweets.


  • Tweets with images received .404 retweets, compared to .133 with no images.
  • Post-preview picture tweets receive 0.496 retweets on average.


  • Tweets in all caps receive more retweets (.8 v, .147)
  • Using exclamation marks get more retweets.
  • Spelling out “retweet,” as opposted to “RT,” gets you more RT’s.
  • Being polite also gets you more RT’s.


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