Advice for LinkedIn Users

By October 6, 2013Newsletter, Social Media

LinkedIn is a tool for making connections, engaging in discussions, finding answers and information and finding employment, as well as connecting with future customers. You’ll want to create a LinkedIn profile that will yield you the highest results. Here are a few tips to help you connect with more of the people you’re looking for.


  •  Do not us a default URL. Increase personal branding by changing the default to a personal URL.
  • Complete your full profile. Incomplete work is not a virtuous quality to have on display.
  • Go public with your profile so people can find you. Hiding your profile can come across as mistrusting or not trustworthy. Plus it’s almost impossible to keep that stuff private anymore.
  • Join Groups. You can learn so much information such as news and discussions, and form connections with people who share the same interests.
  • Participate in Discussions. Social media is about connecting, sharing knowledge and building relationships. Participation gets you noticed.
  • Asking/Answering Questions. It helps you gain knowledge, as well as build a reputation within your industry.
  • Do not push every tweet to your LinkedIn status. Share only selected tweets of articles read and worth sharing. Everything else is noise and may become annoying.
  • Build a company page. It’s another way to get found.
  • Have an updated photo, complete with summary and custom title. Your summary should let people know what you do and how you can help them.
  • Avoid the sales pitch after connecting. You have to establish yourself as a trusting and knowledgeable person, adding value to your connections as the top priority.

Following these simple rules will help with your success on LinkedIn. The most important advice being…adding value to your groups and connections. This will get you noticed and attract and retain the people you’re looking for.
If you’re interested in a conversation about optimizing your LinkedIn account, give me a shout.

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