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I began my professional career after college as a law enforcement officer, and after 10 years of service, made the decision to become a full-time mom to 2 awesome kids. As they became more independent, I began working as a part-time sales rep for a small internet technology company. Here, I then began to venture into social media marketing, soaking up everything I could get my hands on. I soon got the green light to became the company’s social media manager, and loved it! After doing social media for about 2 years, I can tell you it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I decided to branch off on my own. The best part, my old employer became my first client.

Second only to being a mother, my job is fulfilling and the teams I work with could not be better. They’re energetic, motivated and hard working, and when work is set aside, they become family. I enjoy getting to know you and building relationships with many incredible people, each of you striving to meet goals while enduring an ever difficult path of obstacles, and I admire each of you. I really look forward to building more relationships with the many of you out there, with businesses that stay competitive and strive to grow and thrive. I look forward to sharing in some of that victory with each of you.

Step 1: Research

We first do everything in our power to research the people we are going to offer our services to, find out their individual needs, and determine if we have expertise that suits those needs. If we think we do, great. Then we reach out to them.

Step 2: Education

If you decide to work with us, then helping you understand your own needs and how our service might help you meet those needs requires a patient and nurturing touch. Helping you understand how our service may benefit you, is critical.

Step 3: Alignment

Making sure we achieve and maintain a stable alignment between our services and your goals is a regular and diligent pursuit. We are not the experts in your field. You are. Speaking to your audience through our efforts is what we thrive toward.

Step 4: Evaluation

Once we’ve established some routines, some policies and some practices and have implemented them for a period of time, we study the impact we have had on your goals. This helps you consider whether or not you choose to continue using our services.